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Forward Chats #11 - June 23, 2019

Why Do You Go to Church?

(Nancy was on vacation, so these notes come from Wendy Linares)

About 16 people participated in this Forward Chat. Wendy Linares opened with prayer and facilitated the conversation. Her opening question was:

Why do you go to church?

· Back in the day it was part of the Sunday lifestyle. You just went to church.

· To learn

· To share

· You needed roots so you came

· Ritual matters

· Worship helps ground us for the week ahead.

· Sermons inspire us.

· We love the music.

· We come to refuel.

· We get to be with others.

· We feel less isolated.

That turned into pastor focus. What do we want in a pastor?

· Enthusiasm, energy, passion for causes so we will want to join in.

· We need a pastor who preaches relevant sermons. We need to find ourselves in the sermons.

· Warmth is important.

· We can't expect pastor to do it all. Wendy mentioned an article that said pastors need to lead but that the congregation, which is the body of Christ, needs to do their part. Pastor can't be everything to everyone.

· Pastor should be communicated with one on one, so a lot of gossip doesn’t happen

We finished with the conclusion that kindness matters and we need to think and say BEFORE we act, "Does this build up the church?" We closed with prayer.

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