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Bible Study and Spirited Discussion:


Bible Studies are held regularly throughout the year, and topics cover a wide array of spirituality. 


Please join us sometime for a spirited discussion or just to talk with the Pastor on sermon topics each week in our parlor. Bring your ideas and let’s discuss!

Activities, Training & Education

Second Church plans other activities such as retreats where adults can spend a weekend together in fellowship, prayer, and learning. We also offer other education and training for those that are seeking more on the journey of Faith in God. 

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Community Series

Our congregation is very community and family oriented. In an effort to engage with the wider community and make better use of our great space and location, we developed our Community Series to host events that may impact or be of interest to the community. Relevant issues that affect our daily lives like the opioid crisis, single parenting, bullying, alcohol use, government decisions and many more topics will be addressed in open and respectful public discussion. Open to everyone!

The first year of Community Series, we hosted two musical events, two author presentations and a good old-fashioned strawberry social. For our second year, we hope to add social justice documentaries along with more musical performances, author presentations, community discussions on important social and political issues, and another strawberry social!


Please visit our Calendar for upcoming events!  Look for our flyers or announcements in the local papers or catch up to us on Facebook.

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