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Community Suppers

Community Suppers, originally Ham & Bean suppers, have been taking place at Second Church since at least the 1950s. These are offered on occasion and will be highlighted on our event page.  Meals are packed and ready to be reheated and enjoyed. 



Family Forum

Second Church cares deeply about families in our community, especially those who are the most vulnerable. That's why we are strong supporters of Family Promise North Shore Boston, a local non-profit organization helping to end homelessness, one family at a time. 

Members of Second Church also participate in and donate to fundraisers for Family Promise and Beverly Bootstraps throughout the year. Sharing our time and treasure with those who need it is a big part of living into the mission of Jesus Christ. 

001 Family Promise night Baptist Church
Homeless Ministry


Recovery High School
Addicton Ministries

It started out with lipstick and a little eye makeup and grew into one of Second Church's most important ministries. Rosie McKenna would pack up her Mary Kay goody bag and visit with the girls of Recovery High School, hoping that a little lipstick and girl talk would help them find hope in a life of struggle. Now, members of our Board of Social Action and Mission meet with all the students on the second Friday of every month at Second Church. Over cookies and coffee, we talk honestly and earnestly about things that are happening in their lives. We offer our wisdom, our truth and our empathy, but mostly we just listen. The students are brutally honest about their lives and their struggles and their raw truth often brings tears to our eyes. But they persevere and we continue to support both the students and the staff of RHS.

So many families are touched by the problems associated with addiction and Second Church tries to make a difference by reaching out to people in need of love and support. You are invited to join us in our mission! 

AA and Al-Anon

Second Church opens our church home to those living with addiction and their families by accommodating meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon in our building.

  • AA Fellowship (Open Meeting)

    • Fridays, 7:00-8:00pm in Fellowship Hall

  • AA Fellowship (Open Meeting)

    • Sundays, 8:00-9:00pm in Fellowship Hall

  • Al-Anon Fellowship (STEP Program)

    • Saturdays, 10:45am-12:00pm in the Chapel



The Second Church Knitting Ministry started with Pastor Esther Thompson. She gathered women of the church to knit prayer shawls for shut-ins and Hospice. 

Over the years, our knitters have expanded their craft to include:


  • Prayer shawls for shut-ins and Hospice 

  • Baby blankets for Christenings, sick children, new mothers, unwed mothers, and mothers in need 

  • Blankets for the firemen to use to wrap fire victims in


The Knitting Ministry meets the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm in the Church Parlor. 

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Knitting Ministry
International Ministry
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