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For over 2,000 years, holy communion has been at the heart of Christian worship. We have called it by many names – the Lord’s Supper, the Mass, the Eucharist – but from the very beginning, followers of Jesus have been brought closer to God and to one another as we have shared in this sacred meal. As we eat the bread and drink the wine, we are doing as Jesus asked us to do. He said, “Do this, as often as you will, in remembrance of me.”

For the entire history of the Christian movement, this sacrament has been so filled with meaning, and so important in the lives of Christian believers, that words alone cannot grasp its meaning. It has been said that, “The highest cannot be spoken; it can only be acted.” And through this sacred drama, we are drawn nearer to God and to one another.

We often describe the sacrament as a symbol, something physical and tangible that represents something spiritual and intangible. There are some things so deep, so filled with meaning that you can’t just talk about them. We use symbols to express those things that we can’t quite say in any other way. And that is why in this church we call communion a sacrament.


At Second Congregational Church we take communion once a month on the first Sunday of the month as well as on other special worship services. All are welcome to receive communion!

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