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All young people (K-8) are encouraged to participate in worship and activities in a multi-age environment with our dedicated teachers/volunteers who have a passion for helping the children of our church grow in their relationship with God and develop a good understanding of the Trinity in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  We do not believe in the traditional classroom approach to “Sunday School”. Children are taught to develop and express their own relationship with God through the teachings of Jesus using Bible lessons and age-appropriate activities.  We believe children should carry with them what they’ve learned.  We encourage all people to go out each day and continue their relationship with God through family, friends and community. This is not just for Sunday anymore!


Our middle school program and youth activities are focused on Faith and Service.  Our Pastor and volunteers from our church plan service projects, attend retreats and plan focused activities in which our young members can get to know themselves and learn how to be better followers of Jesus, deepening our bonds with one another and leading to Confirmation.  


In line with our mission to provide safe environments for our children, every activity or field trip has at least two teachers/volunteers who have cleared a CORI check. For more information about our Safe Church Policy, click here.


If interested, please fill out this form and bring to church next time you visit: Church School Registration Form.  There is no fee.

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