• Dale Miller-Bouton

Virtual Services #33

• Virtual services are improving each week

• Addition of music and words to the hymns

• Lay Readers have added to the service

• Additions in following weeks might include

• Children’s Message

• Doxology

• Amens from the choir

• Never know who is watching the service from around the world

• Reaching out to a new audience of people and to our own parishioners in a new way

May 3, 2020 Service Feedback

• UCC ministers from around the country were the worship leaders

• Some people missed seeing Peter in a prominent role

• No Lord’s Prayer

• Others liked seeing and hearing from diverse voices

Coffee Hour and Tea Time Feedback

• Nice to keep connected with the community

• can be unfocused and chaotic when everyone speaks at once

• Suggestions to improve include:

• having a focus and topic to discuss

• Bible study focus

• send topic in advance

Video Streaming Proposal

• David Brandt explained the streaming proposal which includes cameras, microphones, computer, and training

• This is a high quality system which would improve our ability to record and live stream the service from our sanctuary

• Has the ability to be upgraded easily

• Potential to live stream weddings, funerals, concerts, baptisms

• Recordings could go to local cable access companies or DVD to homebound

• Mac Donaldson spoke on behalf of the Finance Team

• The Finance Team is in favor of this proposal

• Cost will be around $17.000. Two bids have been received. They recommend the local company that has more experience with churches

• Funding could come from the Vision 300 Fund

• Need to secure the equipment which will be in the balcony- some sort of closet that could be built by the Boy Scouts or someone in the Congregation

• Dale Miller Bouton spoke on behalf of the Mission and Social Action Team

• Mission and Social Action is enthusiastic about this proposal and sees it as wonderful outreach to the community and a way to grow the church

• There is money in the Mission Fund that has not been spent and they feel this is the perfect expenditure. They are willing to fund the entire project from this fund.

• Congregational Reaction

• overwhelmingly positive in favor of this proposal

• vast improvement to our present sound system

• user friendly

• time line for completion 2-3 weeks

• We did discuss that the Central Board is authorized to spend up to $10,000 without congregational approval but this exceeds that limit

• Some alternatives to a congregational vote were discussed but no decision or consensus as to how to do this was reached. We also discussed how to conduct a congregational vote but again no solution was agreed upon.

• Central Board will discuss this at the next Board meeting

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